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We connect veterans + community one story at a time

Battle Tested Veterans (BTV) is a non-profit organization that uses the power of first-person narratives to challenge veteran stereotypes and bridge the gap between transitioning military members and civilian hiring influencers. Our mission is to harness the power of storytelling to unlock opportunities for the military community at scale.

Through my story, may we both see my military service as a corporate strength and competitive advantage.



Veterans face three common stereotypes that make transitioning into the civilian space more difficult.

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Veterans have a perception problem. We can change that.

Words may pack a punch, but actions make the impact. BTV will change the conversation around veterans in corporate spaces by focusing on four fronts:

  • Raising Awareness

  • In-House Events

  • Training Recruiters

  • Corporate Consulting

interested in learning more about, contributing to or becoming involved with any of the initiatives above? We want to hear from you.




hiring + erg Influencers

From a 50,000 foot view, you see great potential for veterans enhancing your corporate culture and diversifying your employee talent. You feel investment in this space is your corporate responsibility, but need moving the needle to align with your current employee resource group objectives and overarching business goals.

Backed by veterans who are now in the executive leadership space, Battle Tested will help you with a strategy and action-plan for making the greatest impact towards your diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives.

Battle Tested Veterans - Talent Aquisition

Talent aquisition

You are a cheerleader for the veteran community but are uncertain about how to map military experience to your company’s needs. Combining the connection that comes from first-person narratives with practical translation of how a military resume will meet the requirements for your open positions is the place to start.

Battle Tested will help you understand and ultimately prove that hiring veteran talent is a confident move for building your best  team.


Transitioning veterans

Making the move from military to civilian, you need a starting point and are eager to hear how veterans like yourself walked this path and found success. Battle Tested is proud to share dynamic stories from veterans like you who used their military experience to help them find fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

Battle Tested also offers professional support and networking resources to help you turn inspiration and motivation into tangible steps towards starting your civilian career.

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Will you help us challenge veteran stereotypes?