Melissa Boatwright


Melissa is the co-founder of Battle Tested Veterans and the President of the Board of Directors. For more than 20 years she has been a communications professional, using stories to create empathy and expand understanding, acceptance, and connections. She believes that with stories and data, we can shine light into the dark corners of our world and incite change.

By day as a global technology executive, she leads a team of program managers who ensure the delivery internal and external technology projects. She has also spent nearly 20 years in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve in Public Affairs (Public Relations) specializing in internal and external communications, media relations and community relations. During her time on active duty, she was a television reporter, covering the Pentagon and combat operations in Iraq and a news director in South Korea. 

She is a wine lover, a courage seeker, a bulldog admirer, a reluctant jogger, and a constant student.

Cory Boatwright

Cory is a co-founder of Battle Tested Veterans and a current board member. He aspires to ease the veteran transition from military service to civilian employment. Now working as a financial services consultant based in San Francisco, California, Cory uses his civilian experience to mentor service members on successfully navigating a transition out of the military.  

Before entering the civilian workforce, Cory served in the U.S. Air Force as a strategic communications manager where he crafted targeted internal/external communications products and strategies. He uses the communications skills he learned in the military to challenge negative stereotypes that impede veterans in their transition to life after the military.  

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Cory committed to the Air Force in 2004 and completed a variety of missions including earthquake relief in Haiti, tsunami relief in Japan, and a Special Operations Task Force deployment in Afghanistan. His aim is to blend his education, military leadership expertise, and corporate experience to positively impact the lives of veterans personally & professionally.

Zephrine Hanson


For 8 years Zephrine Hanson was an Air Force photographer specializing in journalism and medical research. Since leaving the military, she worked in freelance photography and returned to school to study communications. 

After her 3 children were diagnosed with autism, she saw the need for neurodiversity advocacy and education. Her focus is on empowering individuals and families with self-care tools to manage mental health and or autism challenges. She also passionate about helping veterans transition into civilian life, and sharing the ups and downs of navigating the processes.

Recently Zephrine, her husband and 3 children moved from California to Colorado to live a life that supported entrepreneurship, wellness, and more family time.

Steven Arnwine


Steven serves as the Secretary and Treasurer for the Board of Directors. He currently serves on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard and has held several leadership positions over the last 13 years, most recently as the Commanding Officer of a Coast Guard patrol boat in Alaska. A strong believer in the power of individuals to lead at all levels he hopes to shine a brighter light on the capacity of service members to successfully operate within corporate America.    

In his current position as a senior program manager for law enforcement within the Pacific, he leads a team that provides policy guidance and oversight across a wide spectrum of law enforcement missions.  

He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, dog lover and devoted husband.