Corporate Hiring Resources

You want to hire more veterans, but when it comes time to decode a veterans resume, you’re not quite sure what to do. You think they might be a good hire, but how are you sure? Often times, their background is atypical, it’s nontraditional, and so it’s tough to anticipate if it’s a good hiring decision.

We’re here to help. Here are some resources to get your started.

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SHRM Vet at Work Cert


The SHRM Foundation's Veterans at Work Certificate, developed for HR professionals, hiring managers, and front-line supervisors, is a multi-faceted program to help you value the skills veterans bring to the civilian workplace, demonstrate your commitment to attract, hire and retain these talented professionals, and earn professional development credits.



Strengthen and diversify your Workforce with military veterans by completing this 2.5 hour online training focused on military recruiting strategies, how to hire military spouses, and building a vet friendly workplace. These courses will make your business stronger with a workforce that's inclusive of military veterans.


LINKEDIN and their latest veteran Opportunity report

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Use this one-pager to help evangelize and advocate for more veteran hiring in your company.